My name is Jamie and I am a hobbyist photographer with six years photography experience.

Henry David Thoreau said “It’s not what you look at that matters.  It’s what you see.”  It seems Jamie sees in Black and White.

At a very early age, he began drawing in pencil.  Later, he was known to carry a single notebook and simple black pen to focus his designs before developing concepts in digital form.  Years later, when he would purchase his first camera, it was black and white that resonated with him.  When asked why he works in black and white, he simply commented “I’m not really sure, I guess its the simplicity of the thing.  I think in terms of contrast and texture.  Black and White works beautifully that way.”

Jamie was born in a small town in the southern United States. He moved around a bit growing up, which likely contributed to his nomadic way of life.  He spent a summer living internationally during his college years and has been traveling and moving ever since.

With no formal training in photography, but rather degrees in Engineering and Science, his photographic style continues to develop.

A traveller at heart, he spent his first five years behind the camera interacting with the people and places he crossed on the less beaten path.  All his early work was with natural light and subjects with little experience in front of the camera.  Something that taught him to relate to, study, and work around his subject.

Today, Jamie spends his days as an engineer for a international company.  However, most of his free time is spent behind the camera.

Jamie / Photographer

If you after emotional, story telling images and want to learn more about working with me, please use the contact page.

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